Free Running Evangelism in Egypt

I have been thinking about what we, Pual and I, are going to do in Egypt once we step outside the airport. I do not want to just go there and figure everything out on the spot but I also do not want to plan everything out. What I want is more like a hybrid plan, something between organic and planned. There are certain things I want to be able to do such as charge my batteries, have WiFi and possible take a shower and change clothes. I need a hotel room, right? I will talk about it later in this article. Initially, I want to talk about a more important thought here, how would the disciples do it in the modern era?

Here is an idea that passed through our mind and inspired Paul and me, it is written in Luke 10:1 “After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go.” This is an awesome idea but I don’t think we are ready for something like that. For one, we do not understand the culture yet, hence I do not want to deal with cultural things with my limited time there. Second thing, this also requires us to travel from town to town and we simply do not have enough time to do that. But I do like the idea, so I do want to implement that element into our mission there. The plan is to go to Alexandria only. The city is big enough to spend 1/2 year there. The element we would like to build on is the organic element of being dropped off in the middle of town and start ministering. The one thing I do worry about is the language barrier, I was not sure what to do about that. One simple thing we could do is to start looking for people who speak English. To look for more ideas I started reading some travel blogs from Egypt and see what else I can stumble upon. Not sure what I was looking for at first but then it hit me – Tour Guides!



Alexandria is a tourist area and it’s full of tour guides. That’s probably one of the biggest job markets in town. Because we are white, we do not have to even look for them because they will find you. That’s one of the major issues bloggers write about, “Beware of the tour guides”. We could literally just spend two weeks talking to tour guides. With that said, we want to accomplish more than that. We want to spend time with them, we want to eat with them, sleep at their homes and obviously talk to them about Jesus. What if this plan does not work? My brother Paul and I did not care about that. It was all or nothing but I have a wife and she gave us a backup plan. Thank you God for our wives. And that actually opened up another path of ministry. Nowadays, they have these vacations homes websites such as People basically rent out whatever they can. In Egypt, people rent out their extra rooms to make some extra money. Rent goes for as cheap as $10 a night. Most importantly this is another way of spreading the gospel to the people. Here is a sample of a rental place.

So the plan is to get a list of these places before we go and if we can’t connect with any tour guides we can call up some of these places and stay there for a few nights. The plan is to convert one of the tour guides and have him walk with us and translate our message to the locals. We also want to share the gospel with his friends and family and possibly establish a home group there. This, of course, is all dependent on Gods will for this mission.

As I pray to God I sense that I will have to walk in God’s mighty power to turn people’s hearts. This means I will have to pray for healing and share a word of knowledge. As I minister out on the streets I look for an opportunity to pray for people and speak the words Gods want me to speak to people. Some have repented, some have been healed and some literally ran away from me as I approached them. These numbers are not great, so far these numbers are in single digits. Hense the reason to push harder and NOT run aimlessly but to seek God with all my heart locally to be effective out in Egypt.

This is basically the plan for our mission trip. Let me talk a little about the title of the article – free running evangelism. Free running is an acrobatic and athletic discipline that turned into a thing on youtube.

Freerunning is a version of parkour that includes acrobatic moves that are purely aesthetic, most practitioners do this art fluidly. Hense, we want to share the gospel in a form of free running, being agile and swift with our words. Yet the real parkour is not about aesthetics but power, stamina, and agility. In spiritual terms, we want to have this ability to outpower and outmaneuver the demonic forces and strongholds that are over the people of Egypt. Our goal is to be free runners for Christ and to go where Holy Spirit leads us.


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