Missionary Journey to Egypt – Loneliness and Baggage

Another week closer to my journey to Egypt. It’s about that time to think about what I need to take with me. I am going there for about two weeks and what can I say? I need some stuff to survive there! The plan is to get dropped off in the middle of Alexandria. You know, take a taxi and get dropped off in the middle of the city, like they do it in the movies and start walking and ministering.  The following question did pass in my mind “just don’t take anything”. I think I will write about that in my next article.

The most important thing I am taking with me is my youngest brother Paul. I know he is not an object, I am just playing with words. There is a secret in doing ministry with a partner. Think about this, what was the toughest moment for Jesus to experience? It was not the cross but it was the fact that He had to do it alone. God is triune in nature, He is three persons in one. That means His natural state was never lonely. This means that this is Jesus’s natural state as well. At the cross, the other two persons of the Godhead had to turn their heads away from Jesus. That was tough, hence we need to pay attention to this and not neglect it. This is something Muslims and all Christian unitarians miss completely; unity and diversity, loneliness and love. I will write my initials thought about engaging Muslims on the street in a separate article, as I have promised. In short, social aspect is a necessary initial condition for this world to exist hence it has to be found in God. This can only be grounded in the trinity. I will expand on this in a separate article. The sense of loneliness is as real and necessary as moral ethics in our life. You will never shake the feeling of loneliness in your ministry, thoughts like “I wish I had someone with me” will always be there. You can do the ministry alone, but no matter how experienced you get, you will never shake those thoughts and feelings because it’s not natural to be alone. If possible, always do your ministry with someone. Sometimes we confuse this with fear, and I can admit to this, I have done this exact mistake. Loneliness deals with our sociability and is part of our innate nature. Why is it easier for me to minister with someone rather than alone? I though it was fear in me, but that is not the case, I was simply lonely. A partner gives us so much, such as encouragement, strength, inspiration, support and guidance, just to name a few. This is something we should not say “No” to. On the contrary, this is something God wants us to embrace and fulfil in life. Without further ado meet my partner and my brother Paul, I made a little video about Paul ministering in Atlanta.

What else am I taking with me? My secondary purpose is to teach people how to do social marketing in third world countries hence I am taking some gear with me. I will do a documentary of our trip and for this, I will need video equipment. I am not here to do a high budget documentary because I want to be able to teach other the same things, hence my equipment has to be minimalistic. The video camera I am going to use is iPhone and GoPro. I suggest using flagship cell phones because they add features like image stabilization and use the latest image sensor technology to give you the best image possible. If you ever took a cell phone apart then you know how tiny these cameras are. I assure you, even spy cameras can’t come close to what the cell phone technology is able to do. Here are a few more pieces of gear I suggest for any video production; audio equipment and video stabilizer. These two pieces of equipment will put your video production on a completely different level. I will take a few external microphones. This should not cost more than $100 per mic. In my case, I will take VideoMic Me by Rode ($59). There are many video stabilizers out there, some use physics to balance and some are powered motors to stabilize the camera. I am going to opt for the native GoPro stabilizer. The reason is because it controls the camera. I need to be able to flip a switch and my camera is rolling. The most expensive GoPro stabilizer I saw was around $400, GoPro one goes for $299. Egypt uses 220V for their power line, hence I will need to grab some adopters. Here is a list of my equipment that I’m taking with me. It should all fit in a 6″x6″x3″ bag minus stabilizer.

  1. Cell phone – Phone SE
  2. GoPro Hero4 & 5
  3. GoPro Batteries
  4. GoPro Stabiliser
  5. 2x Microphones (Omni and Directional)
  6. External power supply (Battery)
  7. iOS Flash USB drive
  8. SD Cards
  9. Back Pack
  10. Some Clothes

My final items that I am taking with me are bibles. I am going to grab a limited number of them and the rest I should be able to get in Egypt. They are heavy and take up a lot of space. Since Egypt has an established Christian church there, I should be able to purchase more of them over there. I am researching this matter further at this point. Bibles are important because it’s the inspired word of God. I will teach but a bible is a gauge and a direct source from God. This is the bread that will bring a new convert spiritual nourishment. I believe in Holy Spirit leading and sanctifying people but it’s not as practical as a text that is from God. Just think about how many prayers, dreams, visions one would need to cover what the bible teaches. Therefore, taking bibles is a key for a successful missionary journey.

This should cover most of the things that I am taking with me to Egypt. In the next article, I will try to talk about our plan in Egypt. Do we get a hotel or do we just backpack and see who takes us in. That should be a fun subject to talk about and even better to experience.

Mark Burykin


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