Go Out! Become a Fisher of Men | Journey to Egypt Wk 2

I am writing about my missionary journey to Egypt. This is my first missionary journey. I am going to touch a little on how I plan my journey in this article and then concentrate on how God is training me for this journey. I am planning to go to Egypt sometime in January, this gives me about 3 months to train and prepare. Let’s start with me talking about how I plan things.

My planning starts with prayer. When I pray, I seek God’s will from the big picture to my daily tasks. The secret is solitude, learn to be silent and listen to God. Luke 5:15-16 “But the news about Him was spreading even farther, and large crowds were gathering to hear Him and to be healed of their sicknesses. But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.” Luke talks about Jesus getting away to pray multiple times in his epistle. Hebrew literature uses figures of speech and literary devices that are foreign to us in the west. Due to these cultural differences, we miss what foreign authors are trying to point out. In this case, it helps to know some of the figures of speech that Biblical authors used in their epistles. Writers of the epistles used repetition in their literature to emphasize importance or in other words they wanted the reader to stop and think about the point that is being repeated. Luke repeatedly wrote about Jesus getting away to pray in a quiet place to the Father – Luke 5:15, Luke 6:12 and Luke 4:42. Jesus did not speak on his own, but the Father who sent him commanded him to say all things (John 12:49). This is what we must imitate, we need to hear His voice first to be able to follow his commands. I am going to go in-depth on this subject another time. For now, let’s get back to my story, I prayed and this is the what I received “Go in January”. I am not sure why in January but with time it will be revealed to me. I can not see all things but God does. And I trust His voice and direction in my life.

I am already starting to see why God needs time with me and that is to form me into a more useful missionary and prepare me for what is ahead. Let’s get into my daily planning and how God is training me for this trip. In the past week, I have been going out and doing street evangelism but this was not my plan. I had a general idea in my head about street evangelism and the importance of it for this mission trip. I knew I would have to do it in Egypt and did not think it would be too difficult to do. I did not think that I needed to apply much effort towards it. As I started to pray to God about my daily tasks each morning God surprised me with His priority list for the day. My priority was to do research and possibly learn the language, you know sit behind my computer. For example one morning I get up and I pray to God, “God what do you want me to accomplish today?”. In my mind, as I had already stated, I thought I had to go research stuff but God tells me to go out and walk throughout your neighborhood. I repeatedly heard this typical message throughout the whole week, “go to Tampa”, “go to Clearwater”, basically just go out. As I started going out I sensed in me a procrastinating spirit. I struggled to go out, I would just walk around and think about it, find a small thing to do around the house that needed to get done. I was questioning my ability, fear of rejection would go through my head and many other typical thoughts. I had to reject all these thoughts and force myself to go. The idea of going out once is easy to me but to consistently make it a way of life is another battle. Here is a little tip I picked up from my experience about becoming an evangelist.


Without this habit how can God use me. For this nature in me has to change for God to use me spontaneously and freely out in the mission field. My procrastination can not be in the way of God’s will. God is not in a business of forcing me to do things but instead to work concurrently with me. I’m going to go to Egypt and I expect myself to get up every morning and go out and talk to strangers. This is the reason why God is forming my habits now, so He can use me to my fullest potential. I was reminded that words are empty without a habit.

I have been going out for a few weeks now and I am starting to interact with people and building up that experience. Let me remind you, I am coming from a background of think twice and cut once. My job was to sit down and think about a solution or a good response but here I am required to be quick with my mouth. I will cover this in my next article. I have already talked to the homeless, Scientologists, and layback people. All these people required a different approach. My next article should be fun.  Comment below with your experience or your advice for me.


Mark Burykin

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