You are not stranded, God has you in his hand

I set a goal in my life to go out to the streets and evangelize at least a few times a week. This week my wife and I went out to Tampa downtown. It’s a beautiful city full of life and lack of parking. We took some pics for you.

We took some pictures for my wife’s business and went to The University of Tampa. You can always count on the University to have people around. We talked to a few students and prayed for a few. We ran into a faculty member, chit chatted with her. Overall, it was a great day for evangelism. But you know me, I love to get into great conversations about God or pray for someone and a crazy miracle happens. Well after about an hour and nothing extraordinary happened, we started to head home. I got to tell you – God is faithful, even when you think you are doing work for Him. He throws me a bone to make my day. You know, to make me feel like I accomplished something worthy of God’s attention. It’s funny how we think sometimes. Anyway, as we are crossing one of the busy intersections by the University, I noticed a guy standing in the median. I could not make out if he was homeless or just stranded but I decided to ask him “Hey Guy, what are you doing here?”. Traffic was loud and he responded but I could not make out what his response was as I was trying to help my daughter cross the road. On the other side, I yelled out back to the guy “Are you hungry?”. He responds “Sure”. I wave to him to come over to my side of the street and tell him ” Let’s go eat!”. The guy looked around, grabbed his bags and ran across the street.

As we sit down to eat, I asked Derrick to tell my wife and me his story. What a story! It was as if God set me up to share God’s love with him. Derrick was traveling back home to New Port Richey to see his 7-year-old daughter. He runs out of money and was not sure what to do at that point. This is where we walked into his life. He misses his daughter and loves her to death. He decided to come back to Tampa Bay because he could not live without her anymore. He was not sure about his life’s purpose but he was sure about his love for his daughter. I transitioned his love for his daughter to God’s love for him. He believes that God exists but never connected salvation with God chasing him like he is chasing his daughter.

He was confused about who Jesus was. This is where I stretched my muscles of theology and made myself feel good that I was able to share, wait no, teach someone about deep things of God. We got into a subject of Christology specifically his dual nature  – His divine and human nature and how this connected to God’s love for us. This was God’s plan, to chase us and show His love for us, to take on a human nature and not only die for our sins but to show His face, hands, eyes, hugs, basically His intimate love for us. Philippians 2:7 “rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness.” God did not miss a step anywhere, it’s amazing how atonement works.

We took Derrick to his daughter, we did not get to see her because she was in school. But he was overjoyed and could not stop thanking us for being there when he needed it the most. My friend Derrick you are not stranded, God has you in his hands. I am excited to see what God will do in Derricks life as we develop our relationship with him and his family.


Until next time, be blessed …


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